Wreck In My Body

this picture is of blake! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I broke my Arm In 2006 or so. It only hurt when it happened though. I cried for 30 minutes or so. I fell out out of a tree because I jumped and touched the branch and then fell. I fell with my elbow+arm pointing down. And it stabbed the ground so hard! Man it would hurt so bad again!

Just thought I'd share that with you.


Cool Images

Music, Gosh I LOVE IT

I love my playlist And Music Yeah! Playlist.
And By The Way Check Out The Band
Queens Of The Stone Age!


My Bands Albums

. Comedy Dragons
.Greatest Hits
. Hold On To Your Dreams
. Graphical Dragons Media
. Space Travel
. Together Forever
. You're The One
. Bowling Master
. Wario Land 5
. Evil I-Pod
. Pokemon
. School Of Craziness
. Ninjas Of Rock
. 80's Parodies
. Graphic Guitar Hero
. Going To College
My Bands Albums ROCK!



I am on chapter 4 of twilight!


Twilight, New Moon, And Eclipse

I will read twilight starting Now!


We're brothers in this world

Me And Zach as simpsons: the top one is zach and the bottom one Is me!


Spongebob Tips For Zach

The Giant Fish Has Spongebob go by the edge when the fish gets really close you just move and he falls and gets hurt but sometimes it won't work

More Tips Coming Soon

Graphical Dragons Guitar Hero

1. Songs For The Dead
. Dragon Guitars
. Fantasy World
. Princess Zelda
. Decree For Alien Invasion
. Encore: Fire Temple

2. Sound Above The Floor
. Baby Bar
. Zelda Level-9 Guitar Style
. My Twin
. The Love Dies
. ENCORE: Ghost Rider

3. Our Life mixed with ROCK
. Goddess of Rock
. The God Of Rock
. Stuck In My Straw
. Wario Land 5
. ENCORE: The Symphomy Night

4. Your Gig At Sea
. Water Guitar
. Win The Diver Contest
. Love World
. In School
. ENCORE: This Story Of Rock & Roll

5. 2 Band's At Once
. If You All Wanna Be My Friend
. Brothers 2 Band
. The Date With Ghost
. Space Action
. ENCORE: Space Cars

6. Japanese Rock
. Chinese Girl
. Japanese Girl
. Japanese Prison
. Techno Japan Rock
. ENCORE: The Devil Went Down To Japan

7. Dracula's World
. The Devil's Job
. Dracula's Fang
. Isaacula
. Romance
. Final Battle V.s. Dracula On The Song Castlevania

Coming Soon Graphical Dragons Guitar Hero II

I Want To Make This Game Real And By The Way My Bands name is Graphical Dragons. The End.


Funny and cool pics

Look at these:

My mom thinks this one is funny!

Baseball With My Friends

I play Baseball with my friends because we are going to be on the same team.

i am going next week to the ball park with my friends.
coming soon

baseball with my friends Pt. 2

Derby Cars

I painted my pinewood derby car today a wanted to make it look like a shiny future hover car.
oh well. can't change it now.

Coming Soon


Tagged by Bobie!

Name 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random/surprising facts about me.

1. Video Games
2. Music
3. Sleeping

1. Scary Dreams
2. Scary Movies
3. Snakes

Current Obsessions/Collections
1. Computers
2. My Blog
3. Television

Random/Surprising Facts
1. I could read when I was 2 years old
2. In preschool, I was the VIP the first day
3. Me & Zach have been friends since nursery

Now I tag Zach



My Band has been going pretty good lately. we wrote new songs and got ourselves a cool band name GRAPHICAL DRAGONS Rock on OUR Band!!!!!!!

hangin' with Daddy-O

I like my dad. he helps me on a lot of things that i Know a teeny tiny bit.
Today we played B-Ball My Dad shot + Made more than me i just have to practice more.
I love you Daddy-O

hangin' with zach

me and zach hang out a lot, even at church. me and him created the ultimate band
I Could hang out with him day and night from now until we die.
Well maybe.
Zach is my friend and i like him he's a good kid.

Math Quest Pt. 2

Well, yesterday I went farther on the map . And Then Finally we got the Dinosaur Arrow. That way we will be protected in case a Dinosaur. today my team finish a couple of papers first.
Coming Soon Math Quest Part 3

How To Get A Playlist

Go To sign up to be a member.
Go to search for music. Then choose the sample color for the playlist.
Then just search the artist and if it dosen't get to your blog just refresh the page
jillene told me she wanted a playlist so i made this
The End.


My Band They Ask Me.....

my bands name is graphical dragons

Math Quest

Math Quest is my class for the advanced. I first drew on a map. Then we did math problems.
The day after that which was today we started the hunt my team is in the lead. I will post another message about my class soon. Bye.

A Song Of Happiness

I started this blog because it was only a matter of time when I started falling asleep during the day. My blog has been started, so I will make new post's so you can see my life. come see my blogggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!! Thanks come see my blog so I can share my life with you

The Day After I Get Bored

I got bored one day so I started this blog I mean I couldn't spend the rest of my life watching spongebob squarepants. Then Again..... NAH!

Yeah! I finally have a blog!

I have been bugging my mom for as long as I can remember. Me without talking how awesome!!!! This blog has just begun so I need to tell you people out there about my current events. Keep coming to my blog.