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Vaporizing The Earth

The year was 2009, basically nobody was doing anything. This happened so that everybody would get the message. In a way, aliens were a great thing to study. And in a way, they are not. Because scientists were studying movies carefully. And I mean, carefully. Take it from a guy whose seen it before. How you say? Well, you know. It happened. I on the other hand I was listening to music in my room. You know same ol’ same ol’. And then, it happened. First, the power went on and off. Then, I heard stuff going on upstairs. I ran upstairs and outside. And what was happening. I didn’t know yet. But I saw something flying and falling really fast. It was coming toward my house. I ran over to next door. My friend Alvin. I told him what I was seeing. He ran outside with me. I thought of the unidentified stuff on discovery channel. I do not know what it was. My brother ran to talk to me. He told me to go inside. Then we saw it crash through the middle of my house. My family came running out. “What was that,” said my mom. “I don’t know,” I said. “But whatever it was, it destroyed our house.” “I saw it”, said Alvin. “It was one of those UFO things for sure.” “Let’s go see where it landed,” I said. We ran up the street to my friend Carson’s house. I asked if Carson could play. His dad said yes. We ran around the block looking for it. Nowhere. “Um, you guys,” said Carson. “What is that?’” This thing was heading for the road. It was a big green thing. It hit the road. It stood up. “Carson,” I said. “Yeah,” he said. “That’s an alien,” I said. We started running. “Do you mean like aliens as in the movies,” said my brother Cameron. “ I think that is exactly like the movies,” I said. “What, you haven’t seen an alien before?” “They didn’t mention it in science class,” said Cameron. The alien chased after us. We hopped into a bush. The alien passed by and dissapeared. We ran back to my house and hid in the bedroom. It had been about an hour or two since the UFO had hit the house. The house was pretty cold inside since that happened. We talked about it for hours. I asked my mom if Alvin and Carson could sleep over, she said yes. That night we heard creaking upstairs. I grabbed my flashlight. My mom and dad were out, Cameron was sleeping. Carson walked over my mom’s emergency safe and punched in the code. He pulled out my mom’s pistol. We walked upstairs. It was pitchblack. Except for the big hole in the house. A book fell off the counter. I turned. Nobody was standing by the book. I walked into the hallway. An alien burst out of the wall and bit me on the arm. Carson shot it in the heart with the pistol. The alien fell over. “Come on,” I said. “We’re leaving.” We were out at about 3am walking in pajamas. We walked around the block to my friend Zach’s house. I unlocked his bedroom window. He was watching T.V. He was watching alien science on Discovery. And then, I think I passed out. I woke up to “hey” and “dude” and stuff like that. I sat up and walked to the bathroom. I saw four arms on my body. “Alright, who’s behind me,” I said. I turned around. Nobody there. I walked into Zach’s room. “I think I need glasses or something.” Zach looked at me weird. He said “Dude, you have four arms!” Then I remembered about the alien that bit me last night. Then I closed my eyes. I was sitting in the middle of Zach’s bedroom, and with my eyes closed I was staring at my house getting taken away by light. I ran out of Zach’s house and ran to a deserted place where my house was. Carson caught up to me and stared at my house. A bunch of dirt. Then the dirt started moving. It got higher and higher. This monster formed out of the dirt. I ran back to Zach’s house and told his parents to go outside and run. They ran out to see the monster. It sucked up Zach’s house with Carson in it. Me and Zach ran toward a sewer gutter. The monster followed and sank into the sewer below. A hand came out of the gutter. I looked in, Carson was trying to break free from the sewer. I pulled off the grate and pulled him up. We got in Zach’s car and drove over to the school. Zach got a crobar and broke a window and ran back out in an instant. He said to follow him. We were walking down the main hallway of the school. Just then an alien bashed through the atrium glass and crushed Zach’s mom and dad. Carson pulled out my mom’s pistol and shot a bullet. The alien dodged the bullet and grabbed the gun from Carson. He shot bullets at the ceiling. A piece of the ceiling fell. The alien jumped through the ceiling and made fog appear. I ran back to the grate that the monster fell through and jumped into Zach’s house. I turned on the TV. I watched rocket science for a while. And then I told Zach and Carson that we were going to get a rocket and leave the planet. We got in a car and drove to NASA. NASA is a very awesome place. We found a small rocket and got in it. “ Um guys,” Carson said. “Are you sure we’re going to make it.” He pointed up. UFO’s were gathering around the planet. The UFO’s pulled out cannons. I started the rocket. I flew it up into space. The UFO’s pulled out vaporizers and vaporized the earth. I thought of how the people were dying right now. Now we live on Mars, in a cave. So that the aliens can’t find us.


Dog Days

6 days it comes out!


My Movie Sponsered By Lego And Media


A Game Thats Cool But Its To Old To Work On Computers

Rated T


Cool Movie

It suck though that the mpaa rated it PG-13


New Youtube Channel

I will not be posting videos anymore, I have a new youtube channel called TyranhTV


The Trap






Machine Man


Lego James Bond


Lego Man

Walking Shoes


Bored Pt II




Stuff On My Shelf More Than One In A Series

Bart Simpson Comics. Amount: 2

The Spiderwick Chronicles. Amount: 2

39 Clues. Amount: 3

Fablehaven. Amount: 3

Harry Potter. Amount: 8

Nintendo DS Games

Amount: 7

My 2nd Stop Motion Video Called A Car Drive


Neo Vs. The Terminator Vs. Commander Cody

Puking (Based On A True Story)

On the way home from Smith and Morehouse, three kids started to get carsick. They each got out of the car and did not puke. Bout when they started to move, one of the kids puked on themselves. She had to get out of the car, take off her clothes, and then they started riding. When they pulled into the driveway, the girl with no clothes puked again.


The Coolest Firework Ever (I Don't Think So)


If My Book Mars Elementary Was A Movie, This Would Be The Intro


Messing Around On The Forth Of July

I made this with five scenes on my camera on the fourth of july.


My Band's Album Called The Comedy Album

1. How Do I

How do I pick up a spoon? I do not know. Just pick it up. Ok. Oh Crap. How do I work a chainsaw? I do not know. Flip the switch. Ok. There goes my head. How do I pick up a fork? I do not know. Lift it. Ok. Ow! It stabbed me! How do I work the toilet? I do not know. Sit on it. Ok. Wwhoooa! I fell in!

2. Freedom

Joy to the world! Mrs. Keller’s dead! We barbecued her head! What happened to her body? We flushed it down the potty and used her ID to win the lottery. Joy to the world! Mrs. Turner’s dead! We barbecued her head! What happened to her body? We flushed it down the potty and we used her ID to win the lottery. Joy to the world! Mrs. Burn’s dead! We barbecued her head! What happened to her body? We flushed it down the potty and we used her ID to win the lottery. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!

3. Murdered By Nuns

It started out as a horrible day. I fell out of my bed and bruised my back. Next thing I know there’s a nun at my door. War paint on and a knife in her hand. I open the door, she starts chasing me. I thought nuns were supposed to be nice. I thought nuns only worshiped the lord. I thought nuns were supposed to leave me alone. Unless they came around asking for a donation. She chased me around my house. Around the couch and on the roof. And then into my bedroom. She slashed the sheets on my bed. And I jumped, out my window. I thought nuns were supposed to be nice. I thought nuns only worshiped the lord. I thought nuns were supposed to leave me alone. Unless they came around asking for a donation. As I was running down the street, I yelled and yelled, oh yes I yelped. Nobody came out out of their houses. I stopped and swore. Next thing I knew, I was in heaven.

4.World Peace Is Meting Faces

The king of town awoke one day. And looked out the window. His town had so much world peace, his skin started to melt right off his face. He screamed and shouted and he said everyone world peace is melting faces. Everybody was running and shouting. Screaming and gasping as their skin melted. Evil please come back they all shout. Soon the evil heard their plea. And he came to town to see. How they were doing and if it was true, that world peace is melting faces. And sure it was true there were skeletons everywhere. Evil walked down to world peace, and said man what is your problem. I’m world peace, there is so much of me, that everyone is melting. Then evil and world peace got into a battle. Evil stood tall, world peace stood small. And world peace was defeated. And a guy from out of town pulled in, he said is this a graveyard or a town.

5. Sketch City Theme Song TV-NR

YO! We use our minds. Minds. Typical. Typical. Average Show. Average Show. I need. I need. A typical. A typical. Average Show. Average Show. We Got One! Sketch City! Sketch City! Will be a show with a lot of sketches. Sketches. Word! Word! Word! Rated TV-NR.


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Contact me by email on my profile and request the book in your email. I'll Put you on a list. And If You're On Top, It's your turn to read the book.

Copy Of My Profile

I am 9 years old. I am a bored, lonely computer geek. Most of the cool things I make involve google.I like to film, write, and do lots of other things that may seem unusual for a 9-year old to be doing.I always wake up early.I have a primary book club too. I hope you enjoy this blog that I take the time to do.I wouldn't sleep in for anything ever. I love cartoons when you adults call them stupid. (thanks Emily, you're the only one of the adults I know that laugh at spongebob)Hope You Enjoy My Blog!

All Of The Chapters In My Book

Mars Elementary
1. The Tornado
2. Welcome To Mars
3. Lunch
4. Lunch Disturbed
5. The Pool Of Red Slime
6. Stubmode Discovered
7. The Space Penguin’s Tale
8. The Story Relived
9. Attack In The Shower
10. A Walk In The Desert
11. Journey To The Center Of Mars
12. The Secret In Frost Moss Cave
13. The Center Of Mars
14. The King Of Aliens
15. An Idea
16. The Secret Of The Tornado
17. The Re-Call
18. Land
19. Attempt
20. Death
21. Dinner
22. Travel
23. Nowhere To Be Found
24. The Crater Of Pluto
25. Obstacles
26. The Chamber Of The Unknown
27. Back To Earth
28. Close To The End (Or So He Thought)
29. Some More Death
30. Ambushed
31. In The Dark
32. A Hideous Shape
33. Aliens Guts & Gore
34. Mutated
35. A Survivor
36. One Bit
37. Some More Mutation
38. David’s Mutation
39. The New Tyler
40. Back To Mars
41. Illusions
42. Trapped On Mars
43. Advice Before Death
44. Saturn Plan
45. “I See The Camp”
46. The Shadow Bug
47. Phases
48. How Many Deaths Have We Had Over The Years
49. The Grave
50. Dead Infected Aliens


My Favorite Cartoons

Total Drama Island
Chowder -Only Avaliable Until June 15th


Otter-Pop Smoothies

Me and my friend Alvin created this amazing recipe called Otter-Pop Smoothies. Take a bottle/can of Sunkist Orange Soda. Get an otter pop, put pieces of the otter pop, and the juice, and put it in the soda. You wait for the otter pop pieces to melt, and then, you drink. This is a fun recipe and I want you to try it!


Clarke Planetarium

I went to the Clarke Planetarium on a field trip with my grade. IT WAS AWESOME!

A Baby Story

Emily had her baby last night. His name is Adam Rusty Jones. May 23, 2009 at ? time.

I Figure It's Been A Year

I think it's my blog's 1st birthday today


Book Deadline

I'm Finishing My Book So It's Avaliable To Borrow And My Deadline Is On June 19, 2009. I Hope I Make It!



Design Your Own Snowflake

Snowflake Designer
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My New Signature

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My Band's (My Second Email Address) is what you can email to get band info. If you're in my band. Email this address.

Also, I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me hold band meetings. At these meetings we basically write new songs, we practice the song, and thats pretty much all we'd do at band meetings.

You can also email to sign your kid up if he/she wants to tryout. I would use both email addresses because you'd want band info and to maybe ask me what time band meetings (if my mom will let me have them)



I Heard An Ad...

on the radio that in a few months there will be an agent in Utah looking for young actors (9-18) to be on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel How about That!


Any Kids Want To Join My Band?

Comment If you want to join my band or if you're an adult who has a kid (Age 9-13) comment about it. Or Email me at

I'm Waiting!

Am I Boring?

Let Me Rephrase the question. Do you think I'm Boring?

Books I've Written (Completed And Uncompleted)

1. Mars Elementary: An Unexpected Adventure (Age 8-9)
2. The Never Before Discovered Portal (Age 5-6)
3. Elements And Guards (Age 5-6)
4. Wacky Family (Age 7-8)
5. Mars Elementary II: The Beginning Of War (Age 9/present)

More Coming Soon!


Harry Potter And The Duel Of The Weasleys

Harry picked up a punching telescope, he was going to have a duel with the products of “Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.” Ginny grabbed her pygmy puff, ready for action. Ron also grabbed a punching telescope, And kept his other hand on the doorknob. Hermione, not sure what to use, just grabbed a pygmy puff. Fred blew the whistle, and the game started. They were dueling around Hogwarts. Ginny’s pygmy puff ran off, so did Hermione’s, Harry and Ron ran into each other, Ginny and Hermione ran into each other, and so did the pygmy puffs. Fred blew the whistle. “Nobody wins round one”, said Fred.
Now Harry got his broomstick, everybody else using the same weapons. Fred blew the whistle. Round two began. Harry, on his broomstick, squeezed the punching telescope, and it stretched down to hit Ron on the top of the head. Ron fell. As well did Ginny and Hermione when Harry got them with the punching telescope. Fred blew the whistle. “Harry wins round two!” This time, everybody got a broomstick. Fred blew the whistle.
Round three, the last round. Everybody in the air, using their wands instead of the “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.”
They shot, they yelled, they hit, until Ginny was the only one up. Fred blew the whistle. “Ginny wins the last round!” “What are we doing on the next duel,” said Ginny. THE END!

May The Farts Be With You: A Star Wars Adventure

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the rebel forces were locked in a life-and-death struggle against the evil empire for control of the planet Al-Anon. Luckily, a young boy named Anakin Skywalker (played by an actor that you’ll probably never see again) teams up with a pilot named Han-So-Low to rescue Princess Leia (or maybe it’s Queen Amidala, it’s so hard to keep them all straight without seeing the weirdos) from the evil Dark Voice, a practitioner of the dark side. Along the way they get advice from a wise creature named Toad Breath, his father Worm Wood and his mother Sarsa Woody. Sarsa Woody and Queen Amidala were first cousins on their mothers side. When they were young, they would often visit their grandfather who lived in the woods. Their grandfathers name was Boom Skied. When Amidala’s mother died she became the Queen. But her cousin Sarsa Woody remained in the woods and took care of her old grandfather Boom Skied. Queen Amidala became the leader of the empire. She had many friends but she also had many enemies. One of her most tyrannical enemies was the infamous Bertha Bigbutt, Dark Voice’s wife. Even though Dark Voice had to go many places they kept texting on email. They had three children, Handy, Bandy, and Mandy. Sorry to say that they were all space retards. They also had a son named holdonasecond, he died after not one, but two seconds. Bertha Bigbutt and Queen Amidala made a bet, The winner got to eat on chefs head, and the loser was to be imprisoned in a jail on the planet Aliensnot. Where they were only fed boogers on toast. Some of the weapons that they had were, The Deadly Electric Finger Flicker, The Knuckle Popper, and The Horrible Tooth Grenades. Luckily for Queen Amidala’s Army, the opposing soldiers only had two teeth each, one on top, one on the bottom so they were out of ammunition very quick. All of the soldier’s dentist’s had warned them not to use both teeth, they also mentioned that they were only supposed to be used in case of an extreme emergency. Now that the war is over, there was a huge line at the dentist’s office all requesting tooth implants. Then, all of the soldiers finally at peace, they went to Tatooine, and had baked hogs head for dinner with grilled leopard sandwich. Bertha Bigbutt and her army got in a starship and shot explosive rubber chickens at the Amidala kingdom. And then Queen Amidala shouted “is that all you’ve got! How about some fries with that! And the space collectible toys too!” Furious, Dark Voice captured Anakin and flew to a place where they could have a war in peace. A few of the weapons that they planned on using were, a spiky Frisbee, The Acid Spitter, The Baby Hook, small but very pointy. Before they could use any of the weapons, a soldier ran in, saluted Dark Voice, and used the baby hook on Dark Voice and Anakin. The soldier began as a king, but he gave to much orders so everybody killed him and Queen Amidala Ruled space until she died. May The Farts Be With You!
The End

The Official Tyranh Shoes: Sponsered By Nike

Adult Size
Kid Size


My Own Songs Pt 1

I made this song called "Don't Cry."
This one is "Snapping Guitar."
And, "Techno 1.2,1,2."


Soundboards Pt 1

Peter Griffin
Homer Simpson
Ned Flanders
Bart Simpson

Noises That the charecters make in:
Family Guy, The Simpsons


I Hate School!

Because you have to get up so early (7:15). It sucks! Ooh!, Breakfast!


101 Posts

My 101th Post! OMG! Oh, if you want to make a "logo" go to

Just A Few More

Just For Fun

Logos I Made Pt 4 of 4

My mom has this at the bottom of her blog main page!

Logos I Made Pt 3 of 4

Logos I Made Pt 2 of 4

Zach, you're welcome to copy this one and put it on your blog.


Logos I Made Pt 1 of 4



Sick Yesterday...

because when we went to get haircuts, I think that one of the Neilsen were sick. And I must have been sitting by whoever it was the whole time.


A Youtuber Named ApprenticeA Make these...

More Photoshop


Funny And Cool New Movies Monsters Vs. Aliens Planet 51 Night At The Museum 2 Transformers 2

Awesome Movie

I saw Race To Witch Mountain last night! And the first day it came out! It was so cool!


Almost! Had a YouTube Account...

because I had these videos of me and my friends acting like dorks. The type of video it is won't copy to blogger, so I nagged my mom for about four days. But all of those times I nagged, mom kept telling me that we would "discuss" with dad when he got home. So tonight while Avery was preforming at Hunter High School, I ask him. He asked why I needed to have an account. I told him it wouldn't work if I put it on here. And he also said that it costs money. Emily, if your out there please comment and tell me if you payed.


Hop In A Car And Drive

British Idiot

Blow Him Sky High


Be A Devil And Kick His Tighty Whiteys

Beat The Blind Guy

Bleeding Space Trash

Kick The No Headed Guy

No Headed Rocker


Naughty Peyton

Inventions Of Legos

Cameron's Gun And Ship
Indiana Jones: Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull


Nicktoons Meet Indiana Jones

Level 1: Coral Cave
Level 2: The Ark

Level 3: The Temple Of The Underground

Level 4: Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Level 5: Return Of Brody
There Are Extra Levels But I Didnt Want To Do Them.


MY Youtube Favs