Otter-Pop Smoothies

Me and my friend Alvin created this amazing recipe called Otter-Pop Smoothies. Take a bottle/can of Sunkist Orange Soda. Get an otter pop, put pieces of the otter pop, and the juice, and put it in the soda. You wait for the otter pop pieces to melt, and then, you drink. This is a fun recipe and I want you to try it!


Clarke Planetarium

I went to the Clarke Planetarium on a field trip with my grade. IT WAS AWESOME!

A Baby Story

Emily had her baby last night. His name is Adam Rusty Jones. May 23, 2009 at ? time.

I Figure It's Been A Year

I think it's my blog's 1st birthday today


Book Deadline

I'm Finishing My Book So It's Avaliable To Borrow And My Deadline Is On June 19, 2009. I Hope I Make It!



Design Your Own Snowflake

Snowflake Designer
Try It! It's Fun!

My New Signature

Do You Like It? It took me a couple of minutes.


Band Info

My Band's (My Second Email Address) is what you can email to get band info. If you're in my band. Email this address.

Also, I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me hold band meetings. At these meetings we basically write new songs, we practice the song, and thats pretty much all we'd do at band meetings.

You can also email to sign your kid up if he/she wants to tryout. I would use both email addresses because you'd want band info and to maybe ask me what time band meetings (if my mom will let me have them)



I Heard An Ad...

on the radio that in a few months there will be an agent in Utah looking for young actors (9-18) to be on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel How about That!


Any Kids Want To Join My Band?

Comment If you want to join my band or if you're an adult who has a kid (Age 9-13) comment about it. Or Email me at

I'm Waiting!

Am I Boring?

Let Me Rephrase the question. Do you think I'm Boring?

Books I've Written (Completed And Uncompleted)

1. Mars Elementary: An Unexpected Adventure (Age 8-9)
2. The Never Before Discovered Portal (Age 5-6)
3. Elements And Guards (Age 5-6)
4. Wacky Family (Age 7-8)
5. Mars Elementary II: The Beginning Of War (Age 9/present)

More Coming Soon!