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Copy Of My Profile

I am 9 years old. I am a bored, lonely computer geek. Most of the cool things I make involve google.I like to film, write, and do lots of other things that may seem unusual for a 9-year old to be doing.I always wake up early.I have a primary book club too. I hope you enjoy this blog that I take the time to do.I wouldn't sleep in for anything ever. I love cartoons when you adults call them stupid. (thanks Emily, you're the only one of the adults I know that laugh at spongebob)Hope You Enjoy My Blog!

All Of The Chapters In My Book

Mars Elementary
1. The Tornado
2. Welcome To Mars
3. Lunch
4. Lunch Disturbed
5. The Pool Of Red Slime
6. Stubmode Discovered
7. The Space Penguin’s Tale
8. The Story Relived
9. Attack In The Shower
10. A Walk In The Desert
11. Journey To The Center Of Mars
12. The Secret In Frost Moss Cave
13. The Center Of Mars
14. The King Of Aliens
15. An Idea
16. The Secret Of The Tornado
17. The Re-Call
18. Land
19. Attempt
20. Death
21. Dinner
22. Travel
23. Nowhere To Be Found
24. The Crater Of Pluto
25. Obstacles
26. The Chamber Of The Unknown
27. Back To Earth
28. Close To The End (Or So He Thought)
29. Some More Death
30. Ambushed
31. In The Dark
32. A Hideous Shape
33. Aliens Guts & Gore
34. Mutated
35. A Survivor
36. One Bit
37. Some More Mutation
38. David’s Mutation
39. The New Tyler
40. Back To Mars
41. Illusions
42. Trapped On Mars
43. Advice Before Death
44. Saturn Plan
45. “I See The Camp”
46. The Shadow Bug
47. Phases
48. How Many Deaths Have We Had Over The Years
49. The Grave
50. Dead Infected Aliens


My Favorite Cartoons

Total Drama Island
Chowder -Only Avaliable Until June 15th