New Ideas Based On Stuff

Vampire Howl-Inspired By Twilight
ICarly And The Worst Christmas Ever
Drake And Josh's Haunted Sleepover
The Mighty B: The Mighty B Is Born
Wacko Boys-Inspired By My Friends, Daphne, Tera and Stephanie on Their Comedy Called: Road Kill
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid On Nickelodeon
IGo To Sam's House

More Is Coming Soon!


My Own ICarly Idea (And Nobody Steal It!)

Okay Here It Goes
Its Called: ICarly And The Worst Christmas Ever
I Play Rick Camoje, A Fanatic Who Saw Spencer's Artwork On ICarly And Started Trying To Steal Them. Later A Bunch Of Crazy Things Happen!

Small Chance...

that I could be on...... ICARLY!
Because There Is A Website About Sam. And I commented And Gave An Idea For A Episode/Special Episode Of ICARLY.