Photoshop Magic With My Friend And My Sister


Ben 10: Omnitrix Games

These Are Links To The Games I Made.



Sorry I Haven't Been Here Lately!


New Ideas Based On Stuff

Vampire Howl-Inspired By Twilight
ICarly And The Worst Christmas Ever
Drake And Josh's Haunted Sleepover
The Mighty B: The Mighty B Is Born
Wacko Boys-Inspired By My Friends, Daphne, Tera and Stephanie on Their Comedy Called: Road Kill
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid On Nickelodeon
IGo To Sam's House

More Is Coming Soon!


My Own ICarly Idea (And Nobody Steal It!)

Okay Here It Goes
Its Called: ICarly And The Worst Christmas Ever
I Play Rick Camoje, A Fanatic Who Saw Spencer's Artwork On ICarly And Started Trying To Steal Them. Later A Bunch Of Crazy Things Happen!

Small Chance...

that I could be on...... ICARLY!
Because There Is A Website About Sam. And I commented And Gave An Idea For A Episode/Special Episode Of ICARLY.


Video Game The Movie: Game's Game

I made these videos to make a DVD.
The Times are how long They Are.
Crazy Stuntdude I Made Up.

1. Zelda (3:42)
2. Diddy Kong Racing (7:34)
3. Crazy Stundude (5:00)
4. Always On The Run (4:51)
5. Megaman (6:05)
6. Megaman 2 (17:09)
7. Megaman 2 Final Boss (1:25)
8. Video Game Mania! (27:05)
9. Pak-Rat (2:31)
10. Sex Type Thing (3:26)
11. Walk This Way (5:40)
12. Shakin' My Cage (4:12)
13. Sweet Emotion (8:16)
14. Dream On (5:32)
15. Twisted! (4:09)
16. Plan A (4:09)
17. Flash Pac-Man (2:36)
18. Luxor II (3:05)
19. Credits (0:47)
20. Behind The Scenes (3:13)


New Album

I made a new album for my band called: Made By Boring People
The Songs Are
. Not Interested In
. I Fought The Whole World
. Oh Yes I Did
. Everybody Lives In Space
. Football Fanatic
. Work Hard
. Blogger Man
. Bob The Dog
. 202
. Chinese Girl
. Wario Land 5
. Vacation
. Mercenaries Man


The Land Of Elyon

It's This Awesome Book, But I haven't been able to read it because I left It At School. BUMMER.



This Is a case.

Pretty Rad Eh!

Zelda Widget

For more widgets please visit


Moms Contest

I am so psyched to enter this contest my mom is having. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS That's Totally enough for a VIDEO GAME! Hurrah!


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

I LOVE These Books


Primary's Class Clown And 60th Post

In primary when my mom or any of the others talk I can make a joke out of the words they say. When Emily DeYoung said something I could barely hear I said "Yeah! I can barely hear Ya!

Church Talks

Today my family gave talks in church. The order it went in was:
. Avery
. Cameron
. Me
. Mom
. Dad


Late to church because Cameron spilled wax from a scentsy machine and onto his church shirt.But we got there just in time.


Guitar Hero Aerosmith

I got Aerosmith Guitar Hero today! Go Tyler! I'm probably already halfway through it.


One More Day...

Grandma & Grandpa Mackay & Me

Grandma Hendriksen & Me

My parents are leaving tomarrow. Freedom! My grandparents are coming to stay with us.
And for 8 Days! My Grandma Hendriksen during the week and my Grandpa & Grandma Mackay on the weekend. I just can't wait until tomarrow! But I'll have to ANYWAY!


New Links

New Links have been updated to my link link list.
Brandon Mulls Blog and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.


tales of a fourth grade nothing

This Book Is Funny. My Teacher Is Reading It To Us.


Baseball (50)

Finally on my fiftith post! Now to baseball. (big breath) I like to play baseball with my friends. I like baseball because it keeps you Active. There Is Zach Me Jakob Jordan too. I want to enjoy baseball. Happy 50th Post To Me!

Bunkmates! (49)

Me and Cameron share a room now I'm on bottom Cameron is on top.

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is the family I had 4-h with. Daphne Clarke is my best friend. She is very smart and loves Oragami. She is also my age but taller. She is a girl. Her mom Deanna was the 4-h leader. She took me to the Sweets candy factory. And down to the county fair to register my cookies. I once had dinner with them. Daphne's Brother Calvin is crazy for star wars. He likes to show me his computer star wars game. They are my friends and I like them.

I hope I have Luck More

Today I found maybe a sparrow or a gull feather on the grass. I really would like to be lucky some more. I will alert you if I find something.

007 Sean Connery , Pierce Brosnan , And So On


Konan = 2
Mom + 1
Nick & Amanda = 1
Grandpa hendriksen = 1
Zachary Cox = 1
Jillene = 1


A Really Great Song!

No Title

Come On!!! Comment on want me to talk about you! I'm waiting for more


This Is How We Got To Share A Room

The Only Reason that I am Naked Is because I sleep in my underwear.



I love the olympics! GO MICHAEL!!!!


4-H Wildcats

Rock the stage mario!


I miss these guys

Homestar the game!

Konan from new zealand

this kid has a blog check it out

Results so far

results so far
. Konan from new zealand = 1
. mom = 1


Want me to talk about you!

I am holding this contest to see how many people want to be mentioned on my blog! just comment on this post here as many times as you want and I will put you on The Music Chronicles! NOTE: this contest is going from now until December. GOOD LUCK!

Movie star in my future

I'm creating a series called the ninja star group there are six missions I will list them.
. The Amazon Jungle
. Snow Land
. The Sea Volcano
. Wizard City
. Food Land
I hope this will come true

Remembering Myself

Me through the years! Look out for the picture of me with Cameron!


Youtube Star

I am on youtube. just go to youtube and search TCEstudios
Thanks done


Fablehaven By : Brandon Mull

I am a sucker for Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. Check It Out!


My 30th Post

Hey I encourage you to leave me a lot of comments! say maybe 5 or 6. I miss hearing from people. Where did everybody go!



I rock!


Cub Country

cub country Rules!

Living Planet Aquarium

We saw sharks stingrays and touched a sea cucumber. It felt like putty and dough ! The lady said that the sea cucumber was her favorite. Me and Zach are like "Dream On!" And there were live jellyfish and electric eels. Oh and there was even a REAL boat with a TV so we could watch and then Mindy would ask us questions about it. I had fun at the Living Planet Aquarium. I just hope that we can go again.


Queen's of the stone age

Go to this !I saw this before and it is wicked!

Skunk Fu!

Skunk Fu!


Wreck In My Body

this picture is of blake! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I broke my Arm In 2006 or so. It only hurt when it happened though. I cried for 30 minutes or so. I fell out out of a tree because I jumped and touched the branch and then fell. I fell with my elbow+arm pointing down. And it stabbed the ground so hard! Man it would hurt so bad again!

Just thought I'd share that with you.


Cool Images

Music, Gosh I LOVE IT

I love my playlist And Music Yeah! Playlist.
And By The Way Check Out The Band
Queens Of The Stone Age!


My Bands Albums

. Comedy Dragons
.Greatest Hits
. Hold On To Your Dreams
. Graphical Dragons Media
. Space Travel
. Together Forever
. You're The One
. Bowling Master
. Wario Land 5
. Evil I-Pod
. Pokemon
. School Of Craziness
. Ninjas Of Rock
. 80's Parodies
. Graphic Guitar Hero
. Going To College
My Bands Albums ROCK!



I am on chapter 4 of twilight!


Twilight, New Moon, And Eclipse

I will read twilight starting Now!


We're brothers in this world

Me And Zach as simpsons: the top one is zach and the bottom one Is me!


Spongebob Tips For Zach

The Giant Fish Has Spongebob go by the edge when the fish gets really close you just move and he falls and gets hurt but sometimes it won't work

More Tips Coming Soon

Graphical Dragons Guitar Hero

1. Songs For The Dead
. Dragon Guitars
. Fantasy World
. Princess Zelda
. Decree For Alien Invasion
. Encore: Fire Temple

2. Sound Above The Floor
. Baby Bar
. Zelda Level-9 Guitar Style
. My Twin
. The Love Dies
. ENCORE: Ghost Rider

3. Our Life mixed with ROCK
. Goddess of Rock
. The God Of Rock
. Stuck In My Straw
. Wario Land 5
. ENCORE: The Symphomy Night

4. Your Gig At Sea
. Water Guitar
. Win The Diver Contest
. Love World
. In School
. ENCORE: This Story Of Rock & Roll

5. 2 Band's At Once
. If You All Wanna Be My Friend
. Brothers 2 Band
. The Date With Ghost
. Space Action
. ENCORE: Space Cars

6. Japanese Rock
. Chinese Girl
. Japanese Girl
. Japanese Prison
. Techno Japan Rock
. ENCORE: The Devil Went Down To Japan

7. Dracula's World
. The Devil's Job
. Dracula's Fang
. Isaacula
. Romance
. Final Battle V.s. Dracula On The Song Castlevania

Coming Soon Graphical Dragons Guitar Hero II

I Want To Make This Game Real And By The Way My Bands name is Graphical Dragons. The End.


Funny and cool pics

Look at these:

My mom thinks this one is funny!