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New Links have been updated to my link link list.
Brandon Mulls Blog and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.


tales of a fourth grade nothing

This Book Is Funny. My Teacher Is Reading It To Us.


Baseball (50)

Finally on my fiftith post! Now to baseball. (big breath) I like to play baseball with my friends. I like baseball because it keeps you Active. There Is Zach Me Jakob Jordan too. I want to enjoy baseball. Happy 50th Post To Me!

Bunkmates! (49)

Me and Cameron share a room now I'm on bottom Cameron is on top.

The Clarke Family

The Clarke Family is the family I had 4-h with. Daphne Clarke is my best friend. She is very smart and loves Oragami. She is also my age but taller. She is a girl. Her mom Deanna was the 4-h leader. She took me to the Sweets candy factory. And down to the county fair to register my cookies. I once had dinner with them. Daphne's Brother Calvin is crazy for star wars. He likes to show me his computer star wars game. They are my friends and I like them.

I hope I have Luck More

Today I found maybe a sparrow or a gull feather on the grass. I really would like to be lucky some more. I will alert you if I find something.

007 Sean Connery , Pierce Brosnan , And So On


Konan = 2
Mom + 1
Nick & Amanda = 1
Grandpa hendriksen = 1
Zachary Cox = 1
Jillene = 1


A Really Great Song!

No Title

Come On!!! Comment on want me to talk about you! I'm waiting for more


This Is How We Got To Share A Room

The Only Reason that I am Naked Is because I sleep in my underwear.



I love the olympics! GO MICHAEL!!!!


4-H Wildcats

Rock the stage mario!


I miss these guys

Homestar the game!

Konan from new zealand

this kid has a blog check it out

Results so far

results so far
. Konan from new zealand = 1
. mom = 1


Want me to talk about you!

I am holding this contest to see how many people want to be mentioned on my blog! just comment on this post here as many times as you want and I will put you on The Music Chronicles! NOTE: this contest is going from now until December. GOOD LUCK!

Movie star in my future

I'm creating a series called the ninja star group there are six missions I will list them.
. The Amazon Jungle
. Snow Land
. The Sea Volcano
. Wizard City
. Food Land
I hope this will come true

Remembering Myself

Me through the years! Look out for the picture of me with Cameron!


Youtube Star

I am on youtube. just go to youtube and search TCEstudios
Thanks done


Fablehaven By : Brandon Mull

I am a sucker for Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. Check It Out!


My 30th Post

Hey I encourage you to leave me a lot of comments! say maybe 5 or 6. I miss hearing from people. Where did everybody go!



I rock!


Cub Country

cub country Rules!

Living Planet Aquarium

We saw sharks stingrays and touched a sea cucumber. It felt like putty and dough ! The lady said that the sea cucumber was her favorite. Me and Zach are like "Dream On!" And there were live jellyfish and electric eels. Oh and there was even a REAL boat with a TV so we could watch and then Mindy would ask us questions about it. I had fun at the Living Planet Aquarium. I just hope that we can go again.


Queen's of the stone age

Go to this !I saw this before and it is wicked!

Skunk Fu!

Skunk Fu!