Sick Yesterday...

because when we went to get haircuts, I think that one of the Neilsen were sick. And I must have been sitting by whoever it was the whole time.


A Youtuber Named ApprenticeA Make these...

More Photoshop


Funny And Cool New Movies Monsters Vs. Aliens Planet 51 Night At The Museum 2 Transformers 2

Awesome Movie

I saw Race To Witch Mountain last night! And the first day it came out! It was so cool!


Almost! Had a YouTube Account...

because I had these videos of me and my friends acting like dorks. The type of video it is won't copy to blogger, so I nagged my mom for about four days. But all of those times I nagged, mom kept telling me that we would "discuss" with dad when he got home. So tonight while Avery was preforming at Hunter High School, I ask him. He asked why I needed to have an account. I told him it wouldn't work if I put it on here. And he also said that it costs money. Emily, if your out there please comment and tell me if you payed.


Hop In A Car And Drive

British Idiot

Blow Him Sky High


Be A Devil And Kick His Tighty Whiteys

Beat The Blind Guy

Bleeding Space Trash

Kick The No Headed Guy

No Headed Rocker