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Vaporizing The Earth

The year was 2009, basically nobody was doing anything. This happened so that everybody would get the message. In a way, aliens were a great thing to study. And in a way, they are not. Because scientists were studying movies carefully. And I mean, carefully. Take it from a guy whose seen it before. How you say? Well, you know. It happened. I on the other hand I was listening to music in my room. You know same ol’ same ol’. And then, it happened. First, the power went on and off. Then, I heard stuff going on upstairs. I ran upstairs and outside. And what was happening. I didn’t know yet. But I saw something flying and falling really fast. It was coming toward my house. I ran over to next door. My friend Alvin. I told him what I was seeing. He ran outside with me. I thought of the unidentified stuff on discovery channel. I do not know what it was. My brother ran to talk to me. He told me to go inside. Then we saw it crash through the middle of my house. My family came running out. “What was that,” said my mom. “I don’t know,” I said. “But whatever it was, it destroyed our house.” “I saw it”, said Alvin. “It was one of those UFO things for sure.” “Let’s go see where it landed,” I said. We ran up the street to my friend Carson’s house. I asked if Carson could play. His dad said yes. We ran around the block looking for it. Nowhere. “Um, you guys,” said Carson. “What is that?’” This thing was heading for the road. It was a big green thing. It hit the road. It stood up. “Carson,” I said. “Yeah,” he said. “That’s an alien,” I said. We started running. “Do you mean like aliens as in the movies,” said my brother Cameron. “ I think that is exactly like the movies,” I said. “What, you haven’t seen an alien before?” “They didn’t mention it in science class,” said Cameron. The alien chased after us. We hopped into a bush. The alien passed by and dissapeared. We ran back to my house and hid in the bedroom. It had been about an hour or two since the UFO had hit the house. The house was pretty cold inside since that happened. We talked about it for hours. I asked my mom if Alvin and Carson could sleep over, she said yes. That night we heard creaking upstairs. I grabbed my flashlight. My mom and dad were out, Cameron was sleeping. Carson walked over my mom’s emergency safe and punched in the code. He pulled out my mom’s pistol. We walked upstairs. It was pitchblack. Except for the big hole in the house. A book fell off the counter. I turned. Nobody was standing by the book. I walked into the hallway. An alien burst out of the wall and bit me on the arm. Carson shot it in the heart with the pistol. The alien fell over. “Come on,” I said. “We’re leaving.” We were out at about 3am walking in pajamas. We walked around the block to my friend Zach’s house. I unlocked his bedroom window. He was watching T.V. He was watching alien science on Discovery. And then, I think I passed out. I woke up to “hey” and “dude” and stuff like that. I sat up and walked to the bathroom. I saw four arms on my body. “Alright, who’s behind me,” I said. I turned around. Nobody there. I walked into Zach’s room. “I think I need glasses or something.” Zach looked at me weird. He said “Dude, you have four arms!” Then I remembered about the alien that bit me last night. Then I closed my eyes. I was sitting in the middle of Zach’s bedroom, and with my eyes closed I was staring at my house getting taken away by light. I ran out of Zach’s house and ran to a deserted place where my house was. Carson caught up to me and stared at my house. A bunch of dirt. Then the dirt started moving. It got higher and higher. This monster formed out of the dirt. I ran back to Zach’s house and told his parents to go outside and run. They ran out to see the monster. It sucked up Zach’s house with Carson in it. Me and Zach ran toward a sewer gutter. The monster followed and sank into the sewer below. A hand came out of the gutter. I looked in, Carson was trying to break free from the sewer. I pulled off the grate and pulled him up. We got in Zach’s car and drove over to the school. Zach got a crobar and broke a window and ran back out in an instant. He said to follow him. We were walking down the main hallway of the school. Just then an alien bashed through the atrium glass and crushed Zach’s mom and dad. Carson pulled out my mom’s pistol and shot a bullet. The alien dodged the bullet and grabbed the gun from Carson. He shot bullets at the ceiling. A piece of the ceiling fell. The alien jumped through the ceiling and made fog appear. I ran back to the grate that the monster fell through and jumped into Zach’s house. I turned on the TV. I watched rocket science for a while. And then I told Zach and Carson that we were going to get a rocket and leave the planet. We got in a car and drove to NASA. NASA is a very awesome place. We found a small rocket and got in it. “ Um guys,” Carson said. “Are you sure we’re going to make it.” He pointed up. UFO’s were gathering around the planet. The UFO’s pulled out cannons. I started the rocket. I flew it up into space. The UFO’s pulled out vaporizers and vaporized the earth. I thought of how the people were dying right now. Now we live on Mars, in a cave. So that the aliens can’t find us.