Summer....Over? :(

It's almost over, and I barely made movies. Even worse. When school let out this summer, I was so grateful that I could stretch my arms and not punch a classmate. I'm amazed that I have 11 followers and only my mom comments. Then again she's on facebook and all of that 24/7.

When I did make movies, me and Jake Donio would pretend to be drunk off water. Waste of recording time, but he seemed to be one of maybe the 2 people that were around and actually wanted to make a big short film this summer. Drunk on water....yeah, that's going on facebook.
I HATE the dentist. I hate getting teeth cleaned and I hate the dentist. (I WANT TO PUNCH THAT GUY IN THE FACE.) Note: Parentheses means its hidden. I hope the dentist doesn't read my blog. That would be bad. Or not.
I'm going to get a haircut in an hour. I fav is when it is buzzed, it's just the best. But my mom won't let me get buzz cuts in the winter. I'm going to go make chili. Yes...I shall, like..right now. Yeah.