Summer....Over? :(

It's almost over, and I barely made movies. Even worse. When school let out this summer, I was so grateful that I could stretch my arms and not punch a classmate. I'm amazed that I have 11 followers and only my mom comments. Then again she's on facebook and all of that 24/7.

When I did make movies, me and Jake Donio would pretend to be drunk off water. Waste of recording time, but he seemed to be one of maybe the 2 people that were around and actually wanted to make a big short film this summer. Drunk on water....yeah, that's going on facebook.
I HATE the dentist. I hate getting teeth cleaned and I hate the dentist. (I WANT TO PUNCH THAT GUY IN THE FACE.) Note: Parentheses means its hidden. I hope the dentist doesn't read my blog. That would be bad. Or not.
I'm going to get a haircut in an hour. I fav is when it is buzzed, it's just the best. But my mom won't let me get buzz cuts in the winter. I'm going to go make chili. Yes...I shall, like..right now. Yeah.


FILM, My Pride and Joy

I love making videos, and my friends just like making mini appearances in them. On occasions I will let them hold the camera, and they will gladly help in my film stuff. Since school starts in less than a month, my plan for making at least a small short film is pretty much ruined. That sucks so bad, I even have a script writing program downloaded for me to write the script. The only problem was, I had (and kind of still have) no ideas. Most of the time I'll bring my friends together and we'll make it up as we go, which kind of works out in the end. But I wanted to be more professional for this.

I lack the equipment as well. I had a tripod, but Peyton broke the head off. I have no HD Camcorder, which is the most important. I hate the fact that I see people online making the coolest movies and stuff, but I can only do about 10 percent of it. Such as moving the camera or placing it at a certain angle. I've learned my share of things by myself, and learned a little bit more online.
The other thing that makes me mad is that these kinds of people have such a huge budget. They can get like 3d models for guns and stuff, but I have to use only actors. I'm perfectly fine with that, I just hope I can do this for a living, lots of people do.
I'm done talking. I'm going to go play with Alvin.



Music blasting through my speakers, me laying on my pillow, typing this post. I'm bobbing my head in time with my music, so it's getting considerably hard to type right now.

Today I woke up really late with only a slight headache, so I'm feeling way better than I did yesterday. I am still in my pajamas, but still. I feel like I could get up, go outside, and play, but my mind quickly says no because I am typing a post right now. It knows I want to finish, but also that I want to go outside. It's like I'm glued to my carpet right now.
When I was up at Hobblecreek, I played a few games of Scrabble. You know how they have the little bag with the little wooden tiles and you pick 7 from the bag. When I picked my tiles, I was so OCD about putting my tiles in alphabetical order. I just hated how it looked when the tiles weren't in order, I don't know what it was. I just had to have it in order.
For some reason my mom's blogger sucks, none of the post tools and stuff, she can't post pictures, links. She can't even make the text bold! I don't get why it doesn't work. I think that she should hope that if and when Blogger is down for maintenance, that it gets fixed.
It just took me 10 minutes to start typing this sentence. I was trying to decide what I should type about next. I can't think of anything else that's happened recently (as in today) so my brain is saying: "ok Tyler, now you can go and play." Thanks Brain. Thanks.


Quite Possibly The Worst Day of Summer

My head hurts, and I feel like crap. Well, that was an unexpected intro right? Alright, my location?

My room, on the floor, typing. I slept in way too late, so most of my day has been wasted. I slept awesomely though. When I finally did wake up, I dragged my blanket to the couch and fell asleep again. When I woke up, all of the kids were sitting next to me, watching TV. Peyton, sitting the closest to me, saw that I woke up, and said: "Hey Tyler!" To his most enthusiastic response I said "hi" in a really quiet way, still half asleep. Alexis is here today, I played with her for about 30 seconds before Peyton attacked me, again, most enthusiasticly. (Is that a word?) So I was forced to be dragged around until I collapsed onto the couch and Peyton jumping on my lap like, "Tyler, I'm not done playing with you yet!" I took Excedrin for my headache, and Peyton slammed into me on the couch which made me spill the bottle all over the ground. I had to be quick about picking them up so the dog wouldn't eat them all. By this point in time, I was pretty sick of Peyton, so I came into my room, got my computer and started typing this. I can hear him outside my door saying, "Avery can I play now?" Every now and again Avery will get sick of him and try to throw him in here, and as soon as he gets in here, he steals my Gatorade and tries to drink some. I snack it back, finish the bottle so he won't drink it, and push him out of my room and close the door. I know that's not being very nice but like I said, I'm not in the best of moods today. I want a new Gatorade, but I don't feel like getting up, and leaving my room to get it. I don't call that laziness, my head just hurts and the Excedrin isn't really helping. I want my mom to go to the store and buy me some new sweats. I have some, but they all are so small that they come up past my ankles. My feet are cold, I wish I was wearing socks. Every now and again I have to stop typing and lay down for a second because I feel top heavy.
Alright, I think I'm going to go talk to my mom now. I think I might be getting the hang of this "blog" thing, because I have obviously been typing for a long time. I don't even feel like typing BYE BYE, but I just did. BYE


*insert witty title name here*

Almost exactly 2 months ago, I started by rambling about how I want an xbox. Let me start out by saying that hasn't changed.

Xbox 360's now run for about 100 dollars at Gamestop, and from the pictures and the details, it should be worth it.
It comes with a headset, and a lot more stuff, which is awesome. I also want a Gold Pack, which contains a chatpad for chatting, 400 live points, and a 12 month live card. All for 60 bucks.
You can read the entire list (which is only like 7 things, counting the things I explained) at my Facebook. I have a pretty good idea of which games I want, because I have been putting thought into this for about 2 months.
Last night, (or today however you want to put it) I went to my aunt Emily's house to babysit kids while they went and saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (Which I saw that day too, FREAKING AMAZING!) I was up until they got home (about 12:30am) and then I went to sleep. I was awoken in about 7 1/2 hours by her dog, who jumped on me and decided to lay on my back. I ate some Pops, then I played my 2 favorite (and only favorites) games for the PS3. Which are: LittleBigPlanet, and ModNation Racers, both of which were made by the same company. Then, I came home, sat around for a long time, then wrote this post. The post has appeared to have caught up to me so, I'm going to stop typing. BYE BYE.


xbox, music, life

I realize its been almost a year since a post on this blog, but I'm not going to apologize for that. It came to my mind that I had a blog when I read my mom's post through the Facebook link.

I would like an xbox, to you games. It's almost summer and thank my grandma's toilet for that. I'm not saying OMG I need one now!!! Natalie is getting one soon because she says she will get one at a discount at FYE if she starts working there. Can I have a discount too?
I have been listening to a lot of music. The website I used to use on YouTube videos,, was recently closed. I found another one, It works just as well as Dirpy, and I use it a lot.
My life is ok, mentally. Today was the last day of my testing, (thanks again to my grandma's toilet) to the people with the best effort on the tests, like using scratch paper and taking their time, they win game day. I REALLY hope that I am invited to it. I know for a fact that I tried my best, and I used my scratch paper on every question. (including the easy ones) Do I deserve it?



Dirpy is a place where you take the link from a youtube video, and make it into mp3, flv, or mp4.